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5781 Passover Greetings and Wishes


Happy Pesach
Wishing everyone a safe and Covid-19 Free year.

from Dr. Barry Levine & Gina d’Angelo

    Chag Sameach
from Florida Health Care News

Happy Passover to All
Lili & Barry Kaufmann

    Happy Passover to Norm and Dana
from Mom in Arizona

A Happy, Healthy and Sweet Pesach
to all Our Family and Friends
Zeitlin and Solc Families

    Happy Passover, Suzy Duic!
Sandy Block

Happy Passover & Thank You
to Our Greater Seder Cast!
Blossom Leibowitz

    Wishing everyone a Happy Passover!
Gayle & Dennis Geagan

Health and Happiness to all
Susan Harrow

    Happy 1st Passover to our granddaughter, Lila —
(and to her mommy and daddy too)!
Love, Bubbe and Zayde

CONGRATULATIONS to my daughter,
Kaylee Meadows and my future son-in-law,
Josh Mary on their engagement.
Welcome to the family, Josh.
Love Mom!

Happy Passover to All Our Friends and Family
Kimberley Model

Wishing a Happy Passover to my family and
friends in Florida and beyond!  Thanks for
your donations and support of the Greater Seder
Lynn Heller

Happy Passover to Cindy and Rande
Michael Chernoff