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Purchased By:

To honor Riley, our Grand puppy, who will soon be a big “sister”!
    Dana and Norm Melnick

For Riley (yes, same as above), who loves chewing on a bone almost as much as on her flamingo (legless),  furry sloth (only one leg left), and elephant (tusk-less and tail-less)
    Jack and Shaine Cunningham

Oscar, in honor of his Bark Mitzvah!
   Adele Ribas

In honor of Theo
   Deborah Roth

In memory of Shamrock and Marley
   Elaine Gross

In honor of our grand dog, Milo
   Lili Kaufmann

To honor “Sister” and “Pussycat”
In memory of “Nadar” and “Whitney Yom”
   Lawrence S. Greenfield MD

In honor of Molly
   Paula Arnaldi

In honor of  Gracie
   Cynthia Gornbein



What’s Needed for Our Seder Plates

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Matzoh – SOLD
purchased by

Lynne & Fred Merriam 
Charoset – $250
purchased by

Your name here
Maror – SOLD
purchased by

Robert Pressner
Karpas – SOLD
purchased by

Richard Rappaport
Eggs – SOLD
purchased by

Steve Present
Oranges – SOLD
purchased by

Lili Kaufmann

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The wine is being graciously donated by

Dr. Barry Levine and Gina d’Angelo


Donations Toward Production Costs

Every dollar donated to help produce this wonderful event is one dollar more we will
donate to Tampa Jewish Family Services.

Please help us with the production costs by donating to music, sound, printing and more.

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Rande Friedman – Production
Deborah Roth – Production
Richard Dembo – Production

Blossom Leibowitz – Production 
Jerrold Slutzky – Production
Elaine and Geoff Gross – To those most in need