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Anonymous – In Honor of  Stuart Gunn MacMichael and Dakota White Buffalo

Clifford Reiss – In Honor of  Pepe

Elaine Gross – In Honor of  Marley and In Memory of Shamrock

Paula Pennington – In Memory of Vivian and Stella

Jack Ross – In Honor of Hunter and Lilo

Suzy, Peter and Tyler Duic – In Honor of Scruffy and In Memory of Fasty

Dr. Lawrence Greenfield and Susan Dogan – In Honor of Whitney Yom

Cynthia Gornbein – In Honor of Gracie

Bonnie Wise – In Memory of Mitzy, Taz & Tango

Bonnie Wise – In Memory of Barkley

Myron Thorner – In Honor of Loxie Thorner

What’s Needed for Our Seder Plates

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Matzoh – $250
Purchased By:
 Charoset – $250
Purchased By:
Maror Bitter Herbs – Sold
Purchased By: Robert Pressner
Karpas Parsley – Sold
Purchased By:  Richard Rappaport
Eggs – Sold
Purchased By:  Barry Levine
Oranges – Sold
Purchased By:  Sheldon Wolf

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Every dollar donated to help produce this wonderful event is one dollar more we will donate to Tampa Jewish Family Services.

Please help us with the production costs by donating for music, sound, printing and more.

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Judy Heller for Costumes and Props

Ellyne Myers for Production Costs

Lynne and Fred Merriam for Music

Judy Tawil for Production Costs

Rande Friedman for Production Costs

Cynthia Gornbein for Production Costs

Lynn Heller for Production Costs

Blossom Leibowitz for the Haggadah

Cindy Spahn for Advertisements