Sponsors and Patrons

<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">Sponsors and Patrons</span>


We acknowledge and thank the following Serafim (“angels”) for their significant donation to the Greater Seder.  Todah Rabah!


Dr. Barry Levine
Cindy Spahn
Rande Friedman







Michael Schine
Gary Gould
Dr. Barry Levine






Lynne Merriam (3)
Steve Present
Lynn Heller
Judy Heller
Charles & Shelly Segal
Lili & Barry Kaufmann
Robin Golin (3)
Cindy & Paul Sper
Betty Shalett
Suzette & Monroe Berkman
Martha & David Monfried
Leo & Marsha Krawetz
Marilyn Miller
Stephen & Mary Ann Yavelow
Mark & Cynthia Carron
Mark Heller







Anonymous (2)
Steven Gerstein (2)
Robert Pressner (2)
Jeffrey Harrow
Sheryl & Marc Tindell (2)
Betty Shalett
Suzette & Monroe Berkman (2)
Iris Sandow
Paula Zielonka (2)
Susan Lish


Happy Pesach to my
beautiful wife!

Don Roetter 

Chag Sameach Pesach to all our family and friends!
Artie and Karen Jacobstock

Wishing everyone a peaceful Passover!
Marsha Fisher

Have a Happy and Sweet Passover
The Zeitlin Family

A Happy and Healthy Pesach to All
Lili and Barry Kaufmann

Chag Sameach Tampa Bay!!
Larry Feinman

Happy Passover to Norm, Dana, and cast!
Jetta Melnick



Thank you Greater Seder performers for another wonderful year!
Lili and Barry Kaufmann